Q: What is included in the Annual Park fee and what are the annual running costs for holiday caravans and lodges?

A: The Annual Park fee is due on 10th January each year. The Annual Park Fee includes VAT, rates, refuse collection, water, sewerage, park maintenance and park management, and use of the Park’s facilities.

When you purchase a unit you will be charged a pro-rata amount reflecting the amount of the season remaining.


Electricity is metered and invoiced annually in October.

Lodges have a bulk gas supply which is metered and invoiced annually in October.

Holiday homes are provided with two 47kg gas cylinders fitted with an automatic changeover valve. Replacement gas cylinders can be purchased from Reception.

Competitive insurance cover can be purchased from Leisuredays:
T: 01422 396 888
W: www.leisuredays.co.uk/parkrefer