An update on improvements for 2018 at Swaleview Park

The programme of improvements for 2018 at The Park is well underway and the team are busy working hard to get everything ready for the new season ahead.  We have now removed the WC/Laundry building having recently  replaced this with a new, modern facility in a convenient location.  The area will be landscaped and redeveloped as a new and exclusive lodge development.

To establish unique areas within The Park and offer privacy to owners, specific roadways will be prepared within the centre of the Park and new directional signage will be added.  Each part of The Park has been named to convey both the ethos and natural environment at Swaleview Park.

Over the winter months we have continued with our landscaping policy, planting over 300 hedgerows and trees carefully chosen as native species to the area including maple, holly  and bird cherry both to provide screening and enhance the natural environment.

We are thankful to our small and dedicated team who take care of Swaleview Park all year. The paintbrushes and grasscutters will be out again soon as we welcome the sun!!!

If you would like to know more about what’s happening, please don’t hesitate to call in to Reception, email us on or call us on 01748 823106.Swaleview Caravans 084