Is Your Holiday Home Ready for Winter?

Holiday Home in Swaledale
Photograph copyright Philip Lee

Is your holiday home ready for winter?  We know that this is the time of year when most people’s thoughts turn to preparing for the colder and wetter weather, so we’ve put together some handy hints and tips to help you get your holiday home ready for winter.  As this glorious picture of Swaledale in winter shows, we know that it is a beautiful holiday destination any time of the year but, although Swaleview Park is one of only a few holiday parks where you can enjoy your holiday home all year round, we know that some of our members won’t be coming to visit quite as often.  So here is how you can prepare and protect your holiday home over the winter season.

As a family owned park, there’s always someone on site to help if you need to ask for assistance or advice or if you’d like us to put you in touch with professional services.  A lot of what we’re saying here is common sense, but just to be on the safe side, we’ve listed our top 20 hints and tips so you can tick them off as you go!  Also, have we missed anything?  If so, feel free to comment on our blog or get in touch.


1. Turn off the water supply at the stopcock and disconnect water supply from unit.

2. Open all hot and cold taps and shower to allow water out.
3.Open all hot and cold drains under the unit.
4. Flush all toilet cisterns,ensuring water is drained from cistern.
5. Add a small amount of anti-freeze to remaining water in toilet,sink,bath and shower traps.
6. Drain down and winterise according to manufacturers instructions.
7. Check anti-freeze levels of sealed central heating systems- these should not be drained- check with a qualified plumbing engineer.
8. We recommend that you have your unit professionally ‘drained down’ by a qualified plumbing and heating engineer, to avoid frozen and burst pipes which can result in expensive repairs.
9. Ensure exposed piping is adequately lagged.
10. Unplug electrical devices including large white goods.
11. Completely empty and clean fridges and freezers and leave switched off, with the door slightly open.
12. Clean cupboards and work surfaces and remove all items of food.
13. Remove all duvets, pillows and bedding and store at home if possible. Otherwise store where air can circulate to prevent damp.
14. Store soft furnishings and mattresses upright and away from walls, windows and doors.
15. Leave damp extractor units or bowls of salt around the unit to absorb excess moisture.
16. Leave internal doors open to allow a free flow of air.
17.  Ensure external vents are not obstructed.
18.  Lock all external doors and windows.
19. Switch off the electric.
20. Check your unit regularly over the winter to ensure that it is not damp and is protected from frost.


Don’t forget that Swaleview Park is the only holiday park in Swaledale with a 12 month license so you can enjoy your holiday home all year round.  If you would like to find out more about owning a holiday home at Swaleview Park, get in touch – no hard pressure selling, just sound advice from the same family that has owned Swaleview Park for more than 60 years.